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monthly articles by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

Immigration and Illegal Aliens


Illegal aliens and immigration problems have to be dealt with by many countries around the world. In order to be able to solve the problems created by an influx of millions of people into other nations and cultures the pattern in what happens at different borders has to be recognized. Lasting solutions to dead-end situations can only be found if motives are analyzed correctly to determine what led the countries involved into those situations. Then those motives have to be addressed through policy decisions.

.The Europeans who came to America came to find freedom. They didn’t want to be ordered by their princes how to worship God. The Europeans who came in the 17th century to the southern parts of the Americas came for gold and treasures. The Cubans who fled to the USA came here to find freedom, while the Mexican illegal aliens come to find jobs in order to survive. The countries which receive the greatest influx of aliens are in general Western countries considered to be wealthy. Those who cross borders are generally poor people coming from countries where they can’t make a living.

Germany has more than 4 million Muslims, 3.5 million of which are Turks, whose presence grew out of a guest worker program beginning in the sixties. Even though some of them integrate into German society the majority remains a group to itself within its own living areas. Half of them have no interest in integrating. 30.000 are fanatics sympathizing with terrorism, 1000 are considered to be violent. There are 100 mosques.  

Turks are easily recognizable in the streets especially women, they show their different culture. There are many women who were sold by their parents in backward rural Turkey to marry a Turk in Germany – they are called “Import-Gelin” according to Journalist Necla Kelek who describes this custom in detail. These women then stay in their German homes under the thumb of their husbands, get children, don’t speak any German and are part of the vast number of those who don’t integrate and have no intention to. Their children get to German schools without understanding the language.  

France has 6 million Muslims, mostly from former colonies in North Africa . Legals and illegals comprise 10% of the entire population. There are 1000 mosques in France , compared to the 200 in the United States . The rigidity of Muslim rules of behavior and the narrow mindedness of the clergy make it difficult for Moslems to integrate in Europe . European nations, different to the USA , are national countries based on history and are no immigration countries. It is being discussed whether the French government still represents Western democracy or has to be considered as agent of Islam, specificly of Arab oil countries.  

No wonder therefore, that especially the location of Germany served for the preparations of the 9-11 attack on the United States and that France and Germany tried to sabotage the Iraq liberation war. One needs to remind oneself that the minarets of the mosques can be used not only to call for prayers but for incitements to Jihad. It is a fact that there are subversive networks in place. According to the Koran, Muslims in non-Muslim countries are in “Dar al-kuffar” – in the house of the infidels. It also says that you may kill the infidels if they do not convert. That concept excludes integration.  

I believe it to be a deadly mistake by the American government to push the membership of Turkey in the European Union for their own strategic reasons. It would eventually saturate Europe with people who are taught to oppose our way of life, many of them real enemies, with a culture which is alien to ours. Europe would cease to be an ally to the US . France and Germany are not multi-cultural societies. The fact that godless socialist German Chancellor Schroeder is in favor of having Turkey in the European Union is one more reason to vote him and the socialists out of power urgently.  

The European position toward Israel is ambiguous to say the least. The organized slander campaign against the USA and George W. Bush includes a veiled anti-Semitism. In the European mind – and I hear it from European mouths and media – the main reason for the Middle-East conflict, is the Israeli “disregard” of the Palestinians whose territory they occupy. With other words, they blame Israel for the bloody conflict including the terrorist suicide bombers as they have blamed Bush and the USA for “provoking” a terrorist “response” through the “illegal” invasion of Iraq .  

Besides a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as a capital (considered to be only transitional) Arafat and his successors demand the return of Palestinian refugees. Palestinian refugees number in the hundred thousands.  According to a report by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter Arafat told the Arab ambassadors in Stockholm on February 16, 1996 how the PLO would go about bringing down Israel : dividing the nation psychologically and bringing in those refugees. He pointed out that within 5 years 5 to 6 million Palestinians would live in the West Bank and would make life impossible for the Jews. According to WorldNetDaily, every year tens of thousand illegal Palestinian aliens already enter Israel . Just as in Europe the Muslim birth rate is at least double the rate of the invaded countries. The combination of immigration and fertility would soon make the Jews a minority in their country.  

The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, was Arafat’s deputy. He financed the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. He holds a Ph. D. from the University of Moscow . The thesis of the paper he wrote for that doctorate was the denial that the Nazi Holocaust of 6 million Jews ever took place. The Hamas and Hezbollah leaders have rejected even a cease-fire, which wouldn’t mean anything anyway as they could abolish it any time.  In recent local elections in the Gaza Strip Hamas won a majority mandate. Who believes that the Palestinian leadership really wants peace? I don’t.  

Also the issue of the “occupied territories” can be disputed. A Palestinian state has never existed before. The state of Israel goes back thousands of years. Taking that into consideration means that the Palestinians, who are pure Arabs, occupy Israeli territory. Palestine is the name of a region, therefore Israelis could technically also be called “Palestinians” It is just assumed, now-a-days, that when we talk of a Palestinian, we are referring to an Arab-Palestinian. The Arab leaders instigated the Palestinian population to leave their homes when they went to war against Israel in 1947, promising them that they could return in a short while after the Jews were defeated. Instead, they were defeated and never lifted a finger to ease the misery of the Arab-Palestinian refugees, their brothers and sisters, using them instead for their power purposes to destroy Israel .  

There will be neither an honest democratic development nor long term peace in the area unless the clergy apply the standards of absolute truth and love to their teachings, and unless the Israeli people and government return to the biblical ways of submitting to the will of God, applying the same standards.  

There are between eight and twenty million illegal aliens in the United States , the vast majority being Mexican workers and their families. Many of them work and contribute to economic growth. They have access to social services without contributing to the costs of those services. According to Americans for Immigration Control, Inc. the costs for the American taxpayer are $68 billions per year. Mexican illegal aliens, however, consider these services already as their right. A majority including 40% of the Mexican legal immigrants in Arizona voted recently to cut these services and voting ‘rights’ to put a stop to the influx of illegals aliens. 1 million people cross the border every month.  

When you look at the reasons why Mexican workers can’t make a living in their own country the answer is not difficult: because of the long established corruption of the Mexican government establishment of the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI), which lasted nearly a century – it went from the president to the last policeman. These men considered their positions as a legitimate source for personal enrichment. They left the ordinary people to their own devices bribing them with small promises at election time to stay in power. Lopez Portillo and Salinas de Gortari were the worst presidential thieves. None of the many foreign leaders who dealt with them had a universal life-changing message to put them straight.  

 In addition President Vicente Fox, who voted the PRI party out of the presidential palace, has embarked on the project to re-conquer the south-western states of the United States , California , New Mexico , Arizona and Texas through illegal immigration. An official study published by the Mexican government in 2002 used the term “reoccupation”. Fox’s administration speaks of “demographic warfare.” Los Angeles is envisioned to be the future capital of the Spanish speaking “Republica del Norte”, which also targets Nevada , Colorado and Utah to be re-conquered and includes some northern states of Mexico .  The government project is called “Aztlan’. The threat by Mexican foreign secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez to use international courts to block the above mentioned Arizona law on January 26 of this year demonstrates the involvement and purpose of the Mexican government to subvert the legal and social structures of the United States . His ministry has already published a hand book indicating how to avoid being apprehended by American law enforcement officers. The emergence of new trends in the demographic and social composition of the United States show that these are developing at the expense of the American national identity, the English language, the social composition of the country – and Republicans who lose seats in Congress. The vast majority of the illegal aliens most likely have no connection to and understanding of America ’s tradition and mission.  

It must be obvious to those who read this essay how similar the endeavors of the Palestinians and the Mexicans are in spite of the vast difference in culture and religion. As a matter of fact all examples cited here have a common denominator: power and ordinary people being used by those who seek power. Similar also is the reaction of the national leaders of the countries facing the flood of people: cowardice and appeasement. The Lack of absolute moral standards leads to godless policies. Members of the Mexican governments were not allowed to enter any church during the rule of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. They had a separation of state and church in place, which led to a separation of God and society. No religion was taught in public schools. That meant that God and His commandments were out and corruption in mega size could develop. The Mexican establishment followed their own interpretation of what is right and wrong. When the daughter of President Lopez Portillo married, for instance, I happened to be in Mexico . He never entered the church, but waited for her to come out. When she did he took her and her husband to the party waiting for them.  

It is the Christian substance in the American Constitution and society, which allowed people to put their genius to work and create wealth. God inspires people and set’s them free. Wealth in other Western countries grew simultaneously because of the same substance. Godlessness on the other hand makes poverty stick and leads people to go to those places where they think they get a better deal. That is the problem of Mexico and the Arab leaders and the reason for these upheavals. The same applies to many others. They have religion, but they don’t have God, who wants men and women to be free.

The fate of Mexican illegal aliens depends on Mexico . Good hearted Americans, who feel for the individual families, have to accept that more is at stake. The issue is the survival of American civilization. 

The book “Unrestricted Warfare” by Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui of China ’s Peoples Liberation Army (Pan American Publishing Company, Panama City , ISBN – 9716807-2-8) points out that terrorism is just one of the many tools at the hands of nations and their terrorist allies to wage war against the United States . The first rule of this military doctrine, they explain, is that there are no rules. Everything is allowed. That is “how the weak can defeat the strong”  

We are in the middle of this war, which is a global total war. The greatest danger is that most people are not aware of it. In order to win the American people and government must have a global doctrine, which applies to every last person and nation and includes us. The doctrine is truth or lies and no neutrality. Applied to immigration and illegal aliens – if all lies in the process of what I describe here are brought to the light of the day and eliminated, then we shall be on the road to solutions.

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Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

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