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monthly articles by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

War In The 21st Century

By Hilmar von Campe

What would have happened, if German generals would have toppled Hitler right after he came to power in 1933, and began to show his undemocratic face, establishing his totalitarian system? I have asked myself this question very often. Nobody but the military leaders had the power to bring him down. Most of them were aristocrats, who detested the man. Since Hitler was voted into power it would have been undemocratic, certain to cause bloody riots if not a civil war combined with a storm of indignation from our neighbors about renewed German militarism. But history would have taken a different course and 50 million people would not have been killed, the Holocaust would not have happened. This, however, nobody would have known at that time, and the generals would most likely have been stuck with the stigma of causing chaos and death and being traitors to the democratic process. But they would have served their country and liberated the world from a nightmare.

It becomes therefore obvious that a pre-emptive military strike must not necessarily be wrong if danger is looming. The same applies to a pre-emptive war in the age of globalization in the 21st century. I think that the president of the United States has every right to such a war, if he has the constitutional blessing of The Congress and both sincerely believe, that there is a threat. He needs the approval neither of the United Nations nor of any other nation. To win other nations to the cause naturally is another matter. Therefore I want to state, that I believe that President Bush was in his full right invading Iraq after trying all other possible roads. American soldiers liberated the Iraqi people as they liberated me to a life of freedom. Some more of these pre-emptive wars may be in the cards once you define correctly your enemies, their motivations and their actions.

As a matter of fact, the real issue is not pre-emptive but credibility on the one side and suspicion on the other side, since politicians in general think that other politicians use the same lies and tricks as they themselves use to get their way. Suspicion of Bush's motives is certainly one reason for the global attacks on the president. Another one, which applies to Jaques Chirac and others, is frustrated lust for one's own power; opportunism is another reason, which applies to Gerhard Schroeder, who won his re-election by mobilizing anti-American feeling within German society. A major reason is the global smear campaign, which I believe comes out of the KGB leadership in Soviet Russia, who are experts in this kind of war for as long as communists have been in power in Russia and they have the same purpose as always: destroy America's power.

The attacks on Bush and America I heard and was exposed to in Europe in the last half year have the same reasoning as those given by the Democrats here in America. The difference is that in Europe, where Israel is included in the attack, it appears as part of global anti-Americanism or even as hysterical hatred, which is not very different from the Islamic history. Here in America attacks are directed at Bush and the Republicans. It seems to be an inner American affair, another election campaign, and is seen as such by most Americans. In reality it is part of the global ideological war to bring down America. I don't think that that is what the Democrats want but that is what they are contributing to.

It is not for nothing that the Chinese financed the re-lection of fellow socialist Bill Clinton. The Chinese and he may differ in many things but the principle is, that both see no evil in evil. It is also not by accident that in Europe the brainwashing machine presents George W. Bush not just as a danger to all peace loving people in the world, but also John Kerry as the savior who will liberate the world from this danger. Even conservatives are not aware of the fact that this guy is more to the left than their own chancellor, whom they would like to remove from power at the ballot box. The liberals are really socialists like the Baath Party of Saddam Hussein. I had been puzzled a long time how it is possible that somebody like Ted Kennedy and others of his kind, who swim in money, can be Marxists and pretend to be concerned about the poor. Of course they are not really concerned, because Marxism does not grow out of poverty but out of moral decadence, which is being promoted all the time by the Democratic establishment, and lust for power. The result is what Michael Savage calls the "Enemy Within".

Americans do not understand ideology and therefore they don't understand the war, which has been declared on America, freedom and free society decades ago and is being carried forward by the enemies from within and from outside. . 
The war on terrorism has to be fought. But it is only one section of the total war we are in. Unless this point is understood by the American leadership and acted upon, America can never win.

In their book "Unrestricted Warfare" the Chinese senior military officers Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui present China's master plan to destroy America. CIA and the security establishment are well informed about this declaration of war but I have not yet seen any kind of acknowledgement of the fact and heard any warning of the American people. Unrestricted warfare means according to the authors that in their war there are no rules whatsoever and nothing is forbidden. The American and coalition forces in Iraq are learning fast what that means - killing at random soldiers, civilians, men, women and children. The attack on the towers of the World Trade Center, on the Spanish railway station, and the never ending killings of civilians in Israel make this principle abundantly clear.

Other forms of this war include financial-, cultural-, drug-, network-, environmental-, media and fabrication-, technological, economic warfare and many others. None of these wars is being officially declared nor do those who darri them forward ask Jaques Chirac. The recent coverage for instance of atrocities allegedly committed by American soldiers in Iraq against Arab prisoners of war, which put the Bush administration in a difficult defensive position, is a good example of media and fabrication warfare. There is no question that abuses by individual soldiers did happen, and secretary Rumsfeld and the top military leaders have expressed their regret about those atrocities and apologized to the victims. Criminal charges have been leveled against soldiers involved, and investigations have been underway for many months. However, according to the internet newspaper World Net Daily, which published a report on May 4, 2004, Arabic websites showed photos showing American soldiers raping and sexually abusing Iraqi women. The majority of those pictures, said the report, were fabricated by the Committee for the Defense of Saddam Hussein in Tunesia, which published them on its website under the heading "The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos" pretending to have received them by e-mail. Most of the photos, however, are from the American pornographic website "Iraq Babes," and the Hungarian site "Sex in War", which is linked to by the American site. And both websites are linked to by violent pornographic sites and both describe Iraqi women in vulgar terms. Pure inventions! Since I have seen and read hours and pages about these "Atrocities by American Soldiers" but very little about the rebuttal of this wholesale slander, there must be an intention within the media to deceive the American public and destroy the support for the war in Iraq, and that is the purpose: media and fabrication warfare!

Pakistani Brigadier S.K. Malik, develops the concept of terrorism in his book The Quranic Concept of War. The foreword praising the book was written by General M. Zia-Ul-Haq, then chief of the army staff before he became president of Pakistan. "Terror struck into the heart into the hearts of the enemy," defines Malik, "is not only the means, it is the end in itself. Once a condition of terror into the opponents heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved. It is the point where the means and the end meet and merge. Terror is not a means of imposing decision on the enemy; it is the decision we wish to impose on him. To instill terror into the hearts of the enemy, it is essential, in the ultimate analysis, to dislocate his faith. An invincible faith is immune to terror. A weak faith offers inroads to terror." The establishment of Nazi legality in the United States, namely to take God out of society, make it a legal obligation and destroy the faith, which was the purpose of Hitler and now is the main purpose of the ACLU,  the ACLU is therefore is part of the war on America and free society.

Terrorism gives the weak, who are no match to the military might of the opponent, the way, to get at low cost around that might and inflict human and economic devastation and defeat on the United States.

The doctrine of total war explained by Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui makes it clear that China is preparing to wage war on America and their allies in multi-dimensional or "asymmetrical" attacks on all parts of our society. They are being financed by greedy Western business like WalMart, through our stock exchanges, by simple theft of our technology through front companies and by bribing American officials as the book suggests. Bill Clinton belongs to the latter category of people who advance the Chinese cause. According to the FBI he received more than $10 million in illegal Chinese donations. China reaped a rich return in form of our most secret technologies.

In the foreword of Unrestricted Warfare it says: "In June 2002, The Washington Times reported that US intelligence has confirmed that before the September 11 attacks, China's military provided training for Afghanistan's Taliban and its al-Qaeda supporters" There it is. I have thought from the beginning that the Jihad of today is a proxy war of Communist China. Russians, who had an important role in installing intelligence services and terrorist organizations in the Middle East, provide arms and know-how for the smear campaigns, among other contributions to the common cause.

In a war without rules and restrictions from one side the actions of nations and organizations have to be defined. You can't wait until they strike. And the United Nations are not fit to be an arbitrator because all our enemy nations are members who vote. And as far as the definitions of war are concerned, one could define the unreasonable increase in the  price of oil at this time as a declaration of war especially by Saudi Arabia. American soldiers protected that country from the aggression of Saddam Hussein. I wish the president had stepped forcefully on their toes and at the same time find a way to get the better of the Democrats and at the Alaskan oil. 

America must wake up. The hour is late.  In a war, where the difference between soldiers and civilians become unclear and each civilian, men, women and children, are enemy targets, and where the attacks are dirty - from simple assassinations to poisoning drinking water and atomic blasts, our society must be strong and motivated. It makes me mad that millions of Christian are silent, when the godless are successfully working to cut society off from our only source of guidance and security, God almighty. American society has not presented to the world a God led community of people, who have the will to obey God and the wisdom of how people are supposed to live together according to the intention of our founding fathers. Instead we have divorces in the millions, abortions in the millions, homosexuals who pervert our laws and where greed and indifference grow and young people are ignorant with regard to the history of this exceptional country.

Most people are unable to conceive God outside religion, outside an accepted denomination. They are unable to connect God with his creation or define evil. Most definitions of evil come down to the concept that somebody else is the source of evil - like Hitler, bin Laden, Saddam Hussein. But who sets out to fight evil has to start with the evil in him- or her self. There is evil in everybody as there is the voice of God in everybody. Therefore I can state that victory in the unrestrictive warfare, in the war on terrorism, is being lost or won in American society. The beginning of the war against evil in America could be to abolish the raging terrorism on unborn human beings, more than 40 million lives have been taken. President and Congress have taken the first step by banning partial birth abortion. But as a nation we need to say with Abraham Lincoln: "It behooves us, then, to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sin, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness."

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Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

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