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monthly articles by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

Systems of Lies II

by Hilmar von Campe

There is a growing spell of insecurity, fear, hatred and violence across the globe, which needs to be addressed. In my first essay on the subject, I pointed out that a magnitude of billions of small lies by individual people, who may not think much about it, leads to legislation based on lies and not on truth, thus transforming the law into an instrument of oppression. Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue, knows what I am talking about.  And so do I, as I lived under the Nazi system of lies.

The web of lies, in which we are already entangled, begins to strangle us and take away our freedom. The war on terrorism is not going to defeat the mighty United States but our lies could. There is a global discussion about whether the war on Iraq is justified or not. Does President Bush speak the truth or has he ulterior motives like getting control of Middle East oil, divert attention in Clinton style this time not from personal but from national problems, increase government power to rob people of their freedom, revenge, imperial ambitions, or what? I have heard most or all possible theories on the matter from inside and outside America. My own position is clear - I support the president. If we keep talking and don't act fast other gangster leaders will be encouraged and as one side effect we may destroy the American economy and the existence of millions of Americans through a continuing uncertainty. Let's get it over with and not ask our enemies for permission. The Iraqi president is dangerous in the first place to America and not to those who want to stop us. Yes, there can be a dangerous escalation, as for instance Iran backed Hizbollah is preparing in South Lebanon to attack Israel. But the most dangerous option, I believe, is to do nothing.

Donald Rumsfeld said during a briefing on January 20 of this year: "Well, first Saddam Hussein is a liar. He lies every day…. it seems to me that almost every time you quote something from him you should preface it by saying 'here is a man who has lied all the time and constantly'". The Secretary of Defense is 100% right. But if one changes the name from Saddam Hussein to Bill Clinton you are also 100% right. And here is a problem for the credibility of the United States because foreigners in general don't distinguish that much between persons or parties but they look at "the Americans".

St. Augustine was the first to analyze the lie from a philosophical and theological angle. He pointed out that God gave language to humanity not for deceiving each other, but for sharing one's thoughts. He saw words of language as an expression of the spirit, and it is against their nature to serve the lie. Language is meant to lay thoughts open, not to conceal them. Lets look at some more lies.

- Homosexuality is a vice; not an acceptable life style. It is a lie that people are born this way.  It is a choice, like drinking too much or having sex outside marriage, another vice which feeds the homosexual demand for acceptance.  I have a friend who is a changed homosexual and I have met enough others to know what I am saying. All legislation supporting and protecting this vice is based on a lie. It makes people blind to the catastrophe which we are approaching.

- The idea that Taiwan is part of "One" China is a lie. Taiwan is not a renegade province of China. Western policy toward China and Taiwan is not built on truth. Most of the current population descended from the indigenous aboriginals, a pre-historic seafaring people that populated the Pacific Islands, and some Ming-era Chinese refugees. Taiwan was colonized beginning in the 16th century by Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, China and Japan. China made it a Chinese province but after less than a decade of their rule ceded the island to Japan in 1895. Taiwan remained a Japanese colony until the end of World War II when it was forced by the United Stated to cede to Nationalist China. The Taiwan of today has a democratic government of the original population and is exposed to the imperialistic aspiration of Communist China. But the aggression is not just aiming at Taiwan. It is also about the control of mayor ocean routes.

- A study at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville concluded that every person lies at least once every day. A poll by the health magazine "Apotheken Umschau", however, found out that the average German lies 200 times a day. 86.7% think that small lies to protect yourself or others are permitted. Every second (47.1%) believes that lying to further one's career is OK, 57,1% think that lies are necessary "to prevail in this world". British women tend to lie according to a poll by the London magazine "That's Life!" 98% believe in the necessity of small lies, 78% don't mind telling big lies. All of this explains why liars in government get away with the same and we land in system of lies. So as I am so is my nation!

- I lived 14 years in Mexico and came to the conclusion that more government corruption than in Mexico is not possible. Even though I know now of plenty more cases surpassing the corruption of presidents Lopez Portillo and Salinas de Gotari, it was enough for me at that time. My factory supplied the Volkswagen plant with parts for the Beetle. One day another supplier said to me "We cannot be honest and survive." I knew what he was talking about. He, like most suppliers, was lying to Volkswagen about his true costs, which, within the VW pricing system, determined his price. He inflated his costs and milked the plant. I did not think that it is good business policy to base my relationship to my biggest client on a lie. So I didn't lie. I did not go under, made good money and gained the respect of VW management. As I am so is my nation and I am setting the standard beginning with myself.

- According to a report of the Washington Times of January 3, 2003  "China ships North Korea ingredient for nuclear arms". It is a lie when China publicly states that it wants to support U.S. efforts to resolve the North Korean nuclear problem. China is our enemy.

- The Clinton administration and NATO used lies as reasoning for the necessity of the Kosovo war. NATO officials including Secretary of Defense Cohen spoke of 100,000 missing people of whom at least 10,000 were killed. NATO investigators later came up with 3,000 Kosovars killed, a significant part of them after the bombing began. Therefore they could also have been victims of our allies, the Islamic narco-terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army. 2,000 Serb civilians were killed by NATO bombings.

- United Nations. The name is a fraud. There are no nations united. The only thing united is the global bureaucracy, which is an enemy of freedom and wants our money. There are more than a hundred wars at a time in all parts of the world. Mankind is split by philosophies, religions and world views, which exclude each other. The way societies are organized and their basis for law are not compatible with ours and therefore unacceptable for us. Those bureaucrats can't make peace and have never produced one, because peace is the fruit of justice and the majority of the governments who have a vote are at war with their own populations. To speak of "peace keeping" is a ridiculous lie, which is meant to deceive people and empower the global bureaucracy.

It gives me great pain to see the American Secretary of State appealing to countries like Syria, China, Russia, Angola, Pakistan, France, Germany, Guinea, Mexico, nine of the 15 present members in the "Security Council", to come around to the American need to defend herself. These people neither understand America nor what is up and down in the world. They see everything through the mirror of their perverted world-views. America's society and its foundation are unique and special. I shudder at a development where it seems that America is trying to become one of the pack. Does nobody notice that where the Soviet Union failed for 60 years, namely in dividing Europe from the United States, the KGB head of Soviet Russia, Vladimir Putin, succeeded now in forming a united front with Germany, France and China against the United States? They are using democratic language but the bottom line with regards to Iraq is that delay means demolition of U.S. action. The common battle cry is to subject the US government to the United Nations control, which in their minds means their own. "Russia, Germany and France note that the position they express coincides with that of a large number of countries within the Security Council in particular", it says in a statement issued by Putin, Schroeder and Chirac on February 10, meant to frustrate the United States. Just look again at those countries we are supposed to be guided by. German foreign minister, former terrorist and police officer beater Joschka Fischer, stated after Colin Powell's report, "The place and timing of this detailed account underline once more that the United Nations Security Council is and remains the center of-decision making in the Iraq crisis." If that would be true it would mean the destruction of the American Constitution and mission in the world. There would never be a nation under God but America would gradually become part of a global totalitarian regime.

- "Occupied Territories" is used as a term, which Arafat and his team use to describe their right to territories in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Once they have it, I believe, they would make the same claim to the rest of Jerusalem and Israel whatever they sign before. Ikrima Sabri, Mufti of Jerusalem, stated regarding East Jerusalem, "There is not even the slightest evidence for the existence of a Jewish temple on this place in the past. In the whole city, there is not even a single stone indicating Jewish history." This is a lie and the Mufti is a liar. Shekinah, the eternal, holy light of God's presence, stills dwells in the intact ruins, according to the Rabbis. Without recognizing the religious nature of the Middle East conflict as a starting point there will never be peace.

Why is it that America and the world are heading toward disaster, a disaster of unheard dimensions? It is because America is turning to the lie, abandoning as a nation the biblical truth on which this nation was founded. God created this nation so that America with the truth could teach and change the world the right way to live and to organize society. It hasn't happened. And what are Christians doing about it? What did Isaiah say to the people of Jerusalem? "You boast, 'we have entered into a covenant with death, with the grave we have made an agreement. When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by, it cannot touch us, for we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place.'"

It is also true that America is kicking because of the Judeo-Christian moral substance, which is still there, the few who fight and the Constitution, which is not that easy to make disappear. But in the whole buzzing activity to defeat terrorism and revive the economy there is the one key element missing, which would turn the tide. If we don't want to listen to God, lets listen to Abraham Lincoln who on March 30, 1863 said:

"We have been the recipients of the most choice bounties of Heaven; we have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the gracious hand, which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us, and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us. It behooves us, then, to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency, all this being done in sincerity and truth, let us then rest humble in the hope authorized by divine teachings that the united cry of the nation will be heard on high and answered with blessings no less than the pardon of our national sins and the restoration of our now divided and suffering country to its former happy condition and peace."

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