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Moral Meltdown, The Core of Globalism by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker and author.

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monthly articles by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

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Introduction to Second Edition Moral Meltdown: The Core Of Globalism

by Hilmar von Campe

After watching the campaign for the 2000 presidential elections - listening to the debates, interviews, commentaries and going through the reports of various newspapers - one might think that what most matters for the American people are material concerns. In education, for instance, moral aspects of what is being taught are not discussed, nor is the essential role of character addressed though it is crucial for Americaís leadership role in the world. It remains unclear what precisely the nature of world leadership is or any leadership for that matter. Are the constitution and the ideas of the Founding Fathers accorded their rightful place in the education?

And what are the values we are talking about? Freedom for everyone to do as he pleases? Is lying on a regular basis compatible with freedom and democracy? One could be tempted to think that what happens to our pocket books is the only thing that matters. But America, consisting of American citizens, is the leader of the Western world. Are Americans up to it?

The televised debates between AL Gore and George W. Bush produced a sense of unreality in me because the core issues of the present time and the disquieting threats to America and our freedom, from within and from outside, were not addressed at all. Fanatic Islam is as much a threat than Soviet and Chinese imperialism. One candidate had a hidden globalist agenda and the other one had to be cautious so as not to alienate an important part of a population that had been fed for many years with distorted information. It doesnít bode well.

But it is ideas that shape the world; thoughts and convictions precede action. The political issues advanced by the powerful and the influential are shaped by their character, world view and philosophy of life. The ideas of Karl Marx dominate the thinking of the Western world: while government leaders proclaim democracy and freedom they install Marxist policies which as sure as hell will end both democracy and freedom, and lead to the police states pioneered by Europe in the twentieth century.

We still enjoy some freedom and some democracy but there are no free countries. America has turned her back on God and her calling, and follows false gods. Communism is not dead, on the contrary, it is stronger than ever. But because their philosophy has become the dominant force in America and in all Western nations Communist leaders - in spite of their criminal records - can blend into our societies, label themselves ex-Communists and pretend to be peace seeking democrats. They are as committed as always to the destruction of what freedom we retain. Western leaders - blind, their agents or fellow travellers - take them at face value and ordinary people are only too glad to accept the deception so that they can continue to concentrate on self.

One of the most disgusting events I have ever observed occurred October 22, 2000 and repeated a week later - when televangelist Rober Schuller introduced Mikhail Gorbachev to his congregation and national audience as a God-fearing person of great historical merit. The deceiver Gorbachev, former president and secretary general of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, was at the top of his game. Making Gorbachev into what he is not, Schuller mounted a lie, deceived the audience and helped him promote his agenda for the road to a socialist world via disarmament, fight against poverty and protection of environment - nice sounding programs, explained in Communist double - talk to be designed for the benefit of the family of nations (which only exists in the phantasy of politicians) but meant to be exploited in order to get the upper hand in the struggle for power and control of humanity. During the Nazi years we Germans became all too familiar with clergymen of Schullerís ilk who praised Hitler and promoted his agenda in Christian language. Schuller is no Christian, he is blind as a bat, a pious-sounding but dangerous fool.

Communism, however, is only one form of socialism. All of them - National Socialism, democratic Socialism, Fabian Socialism, American Liberalism and countless other versions - are fruits of the same godless tree of deception, ideologies designed to destroy the moral order of God and establish empires built on man made and self-serving moral codes. The differences between the varietues of socialism, as big as they may appear, are only relative and the end product is the same.

Hegel, Marx, Engels, Hitler came out of Germany - a record no German can be proud about. But to these men, unfortunately, we have to add the Marxists of the Frankfurt School with their principal ideologists Herbert Marcuse, Max Horckheimer, Jurgen Habermas and Theodor W. Adorno. They in turn were inspired by Italian communist Antonio Gramsci. Their strategy to destroy free society and establish a socialist - read: totalitarian - system of government consisted of extending the enemy list to all civil and cultural institutions of Western society such as schools, universities, the family, the church, foundations, and others. They abondoned the Marxist/Leninist revolutionary concept of taking over government from outside, by force if necessary, in favor of a new methodology: taking over from inside the media and other social and political institutions, destroying the morals of the people, penetrating their minds, and disconnecting them from their traditions. All of it was aimed at generating forces from within that will culminate in the destruction of the existing social order. The penetration of the education system by this concept of immorality is the most devastating consequence of this ruthless assault on society.

Under the current psycho-political regime of the Frankfurt School, everyone who is supportive of free society, especially the white male, has replaced what classic Marxists used to call the "class enemy". Labels like "prejudice," "bigotry", "racism and anti-semitism" "sexism" are being attached to them. The principal enemies of free America therefore are in the first place American compatriots who subscribe to the above philosophy. They are the people who ally themselves with an international network of like-minded foreigners such as the bureaucrats of the United Nations and who open the doors to deadly enemies such as Communist China and Soviet Russia.

When the Nazis captured Germany in 1933 the Institute of Social Research, founded 1924 in Frankfurt and modeled on the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow, picked up and moved to New York. It was the heyday of Franklin Roosevelt, and the school was well-received. The transplanted Frankfurt School intellectuals lost no time in starting their cultural war against this country, and they pursued it unremittingly, inflicting a tremendous impact on whole generations of students including the generation of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Other Frankfurt School pupils include German chancellor Gerhard Schroder, German foreign minister Joschka Fischer, British prime minister Tony Blair, his political adviser Anthony Giddens and French prime minister Lionel Jospin. Another one is Betty Friedan with her feminist movement.

The European Union is firmly under the control of the Socialist International and it is time for America to leave NATO as well as the United Nations because the controlling philosphy of those organizationsis may be the shared by some leading representatives of the ruling elite but has become diametrically opposed to the fundamental principles on which this nation was founded. The Swiss weekly Zeit-Fragen (Current Concerns) writes about the European leaders:

"Their theories and strategies, now part of the current arsenal of political propaganda, color the public political debate of our time, which involves, among other things, the defamation of anyone with different political opinions from conservative circles as Ďpopulistsí, Ďlatent fascistsí, racistsí or Ďanti-Semitesí. The same tool of political manipulation are being used to isolate entire nations, such as Austria, by accusing them of xenophobia, anti-Semitism and fascism."

General Augusto Pinochet, who prevented the totalitarian take-over of Chile by the Allende/Castro gang and their armed thugs, transformed his country into an envied show-case for the whole of Latin America and returned Chile to democracy has been for decades a main target of this kind of persecution. Socialists and Communists have no compass for right and wrong, have no compassion for anybody, recognize no legality outside their perceptions, in general are unable to debate honestly and listen to arguments of others and in their perverted minds in whatever the argument may be their side is always right and the opponent is always wrong. That is the Nazi way which I have felt.

In America there are thousands of grass root groups, ministries, organizations, newspapers and television and radio stations who fight a moral battle against this or that moral perversion, violation of constitutional norms, bureaucratic and government abuses and so on. Those partisans are fighting honorable and necessary battles but they are not fighting the war. They donít understand that the real issue is not morality but global power. Morality is the battlefield where the war is being waged and decided. The morals of a president, or of the members of Congress, for instance, decide whether power is being execised within the order of Godís commandments or by arbitrary judgements of immoral almighty man defying God. It is irrelvant whether almighty man goes to church and pretends to be or thinks he is a believer. Donít look at the mouth, look at the acts. God means in the first place power, he wants to rule the world through people obedient to his commandments. But disobedient clergy, self-suffucient Christians and godless schemers have made people place him into limited religious concepts. As whether the creator of you and me, of politicians and anybody else, as whether the creator of mankind would be bound by a bunch of idiots with their unconstitutional scheme of "separation of God and society". If you want to eliminate the power of God in a nation in order to take over yourself the only way to do that is to launch false philosophies and implement laws which destroy the connections of people to His moral commandments and entice people to give in to their lusts and ambitions. That is the underlying philosophy for the creators of a secular multicultural society; all of them are liars with hidden agendas. The essence of the war now raging is: almighty God vs. almighty man - absolute moral standards versus moral relativism - and those who stand for right and truth must wage it not only in America but across the globe.

I have lived through the Nazi nightmare and I have also seen the destruction of human substance and faith in the part of Germany ruled by the Communists after the war. I know how the deception works and how beautiful words and attractive programs hide the evil intentions and the real purposes underneath. A national exaltation about a booming economy with unprecedented achievements, such as the exaltation now in progress in America, is not new to me either. I first witnessed it long ago - in Hitlerís Germany. What we Germans thought was greatness was blind pride before the fall. And the fall was terrible. I know what comes of the complacency of the millions of bystanders who canít kill a fly but stand up for nothing.

It makes me wonder when I see the president of the leading Western nation, whose personal life-style is an insult to God, side with totalitarian China against the democratic and free nations of India and Taiwan and with Cuba against his own citizen and at the same time facilitates the transfer of decisive nuclear and ballistic technology to Red-China, which is our deadly enemy. And when I see his vice-president making secret deals with Russia, providing weapons and technology to Iran, without informing congress. But I passed from wonder to suspicion when I observed the same administration trying, in violation of the Constitution, to disarm the people piece by piece with noble-sounding arguments but with no other purpose than had the Nazis: eliminate any possibility of resistance to the taking over of ultimate control by the United States National Socialist and the global socialist establishment. The founding fathers wanted Americans to be armed so that they could defend themselves against their own government; they should still be armed and for the same reason. As for defense against criminals, a prime precondition for eliminating criminality is to have morally straight national leaders who serve as role models especially for young people. Adulterors and liars donít serve for that.

As suggested by my title, Moral Meltdown - the Core of Globalism, in this book I draw the connection between the moral meltdown in society resulting from the personal immorality of individual across the world and the bid for world power by the global Left. In this second edition I have left most of the original version of the book in place while adding a number of facts and commentaries to support my argument.

The Marxist historical materialism that I will be discussing is a philosophy with a plan for the whole of humanity: enslavement. The only way to defeat it - I repeat, the only way - is to replace it with a better idea, one that is valid also for all of humanity and aimed at all of humanity. Fighting sectional or national battles is necessary, but it is not sufficient. I propose instead that we remake America and the world - that we create a new society by destroying the lie, that we vote the liars out of public office, and that we make the absolute truth of God the basis of all human relationships. I believe that America was created for this purpose. The struggle is between truth and lie. Truth is stronger than lies.


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Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

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