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monthly articles by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

The Manipulators

by Hilmar von Campe

Manipulation means organizing other people, whole nations, legislation, matters and events for the sake of oneís own benefit by lying about reasons and purpose of an argument or an action, or, in the case of business, about the quality and usefulness of a product one wishes to sell. The lie consists of deceptive reasoning intended to convince a targeted group of the desirable benefits to that group while in reality the real purpose of the promoter is quite different, self-centered and harmful to the targeted group be it individuals or whole nations. In other words a manipulator selfishly herds people into the direction he desires with false teachings, having no concern for the well-being of the manipulated. He uses his targets rather than serving them. The ranks of the manipulators, however, include also those who cowardly accept lies from others at face value or base their decisions on fraudulent legislative, juridical or institutional infrastructure without a fight.

All of Clintonís scandals and most of his policies including those he called preposterously foreign policy can be included in this definition. Also included are those are those who supported or appeased him, his minions, or those who didnít dare to put up a fight, like Republican leader Trent Lott.

It is, however, fair to say that most people are manipulators. The human survival instinct drives a person to organize his or her level field according to what serves him or her best. There is nothing wrong with the principle itself if it is done honestly and not selfishly, on the contrary, we cannot love others if we donít love (look after) ourselves - the problem begins with the lying. I cheat the person, the customer or the nation I lie to.

Since moral standards have been eroded systematically over the last decades manipulation unfortunately has become common practice for many - politicians, bureaucrats, those in business, and common individuals alike. On the political level, where the lives of millions of people are affected, this lying becomes fatal. Political ambition unchecked by absolute moral standards, is dangerous. Loving ones neighbor, be it your wife, be it the house next door, be it the other nation, comes from the moral standard of seeking justice above self.

Letís take another example, the Federal Reserve System. How could a great nation with the finest constitution on earth, have abandoned her liberty by delivering it up into the hands of central bankers who look after themselves and their own wealth and not after the nation and the people? I ask myself whether we are living in total insanity. There is a constant guessing at what the manipulators of the currency, the money supply and the interest rates will do. What did Alan Greenspan mean when he said this or that? Already the speculation of what he meant sends the stock market up or down. These bankers can even destroy the best programs of a president, force the hand of Congress, and have also a profound impact on all nations.

There is a blind reverence to Greenspan and his bankers which I consider unhealthy. I donít think they know better. These money mongers are not involved with nor do they care about ordinary people. They remind me of the person who dedicated himself to humanity because he found the individual too difficult! No person and no group of people should have this awesome power for which there is no provision in the constitution whatsoever. Money supply and interest rates should not be subject to human manipulation - they should be tied to objective criteria, to gold as it used to be, or to a production or productivity index, for instance. That would make it impossible that money can be created out of thin air (who makes the profit?) and that government can run us into debt as they please.

Looking at our recent economic decline and the free fall of the stock market with the accompanying destruction of personal wealth and the creation of a negative psychology in the country I come to the conclusion that the Federal Reserve bankers led us down the proverbial garden path. And if it were only honest mistakes or errors in judgment would that not in and of itself indicate that there is something terribly wrong with the Federal Reserve System? They began to increase interest rates to fight - as we were told - the danger of inflation. But there was no inflation. Rising prices are not the cause, they are the symptoms of inflation, which is created by disorder in the money supply, manipulated by the same people. They were fighting themselves on the back of the people. And I wish somebody would explain to me why higher interest rates are supposed to be beneficial and higher salaries to be harmful to a growing economy. During the year 2000 these bankers were busy to take the money out of the pockets of the people so that they could spend less on consumption and more to the banks because there was supposed to be a danger of an overheating of the economy. Then, at the beginning of 2001, everybody was commenting on the deteriorating economy as a kind of disaster of nature and looking for ways to get money into the hands of the people so that they can spend more for consumption and stop the downslide. Nobody talks any more about the promised soft landing. The economy began to slide by at the beginning of 2000. Without the interference of the Federal Reserve, raising additionally interest rates, we probably would have had a soft landing. Does Greenspan believe in a free market economy?

Currently there is litigation pending by Gold Antitrust Action against Alan Greenspan, William J. McDonough, chairman of the New York Federal Reserve, Lawrence H. Summers , Secretary of the Treasury in the Clinton administration, the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland, Chase Manhattan Bank, Deutsche Bank, and quite a number of their American and European banking friends at the US District Court of Boston, Massachusetts, alleging "horizontal price fixing in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Act; securities fraud Ö and common law fraudÖ..violation of the constitution by federal officials" and more. The price of gold has not moved for years in spite of the fact that there is more demand for gold than is being produced.

In 1999 the relationship was 4.000 tons vs. 2.500 tons. The low price is devastating for South Africa and Ghana and millions of individuals. Details can be found in the January issue of the Aida Parker Newsletter which comes out of Johannesburg.

Central Banks around the world follow the same philosophy as the Federal Reserve. The creation of the European currency is a masterpiece of Marxist manipulation to the detriment of ordinary people. If Europeans would get a chance to vote on it - but most donít - I suspect that there would be no European currency. 70% of the German people wish to retain their strong Deutsch-Mark. It is the one thing they are proud of after the humiliation of two lost wars and the disgrace of the Nazis. They will not get it. The political establishment thinks they know better. The political establishment doesnít allow the will of the people to interfere with their goal of expanding the political infrastructure to cement their positions and increase their capacity to manipulate others.

OPEC is another prime example of godless manipulation by a group of self-serving potentates for their own profit at the expense of defenseless millions around the world. It comes mostly from people in the Middle East who pretend to follow God but for decades have no constructive approach to creating peace in their region. Price-fixing is a felony in America why should it be allowed internationally? Our founders would never have allowed this sort of manipulation by rulers of other nations concerning a commodity of such grave importance to the United States. It is literally an act of war.

President Bushís program to reduce taxes should have passed through both houses of Congress with the speed of a missile. Instead manipulators Dick Gebhardt and Tom Daschle and their cohorts, having adopted the socialist principle of wealth distribution, are dragging out the debates for months. This socialist principle belongs to the worst of modern manipulation and it is not about serving the needy but about power of the promoters. All socialists are liars. Daschle and Gebhardt should make truth their number one priority.

At the CPAC convention in February of this year Jesse Helms explained to the conservatives present that he had saved Americans more than $100 million by reducing the dues of the United States to the United Nations. Then he said that he would prevent the global criminal court to be established by the same United Nations from having any jurisdiction over American citizens. I certainly hope heís successful. But it is not good enough. Could it be right for the citizens of any other nation to be exposed to the manipulations of this godless institution in which criminal states are accepted as equals? Should America pay for it? America should get out of the United Nations most of whose programs are anathema and contrary to the fundamental values upon which the United States was founded. We donít need and should not be minion to the manipulators of the United Nations. We need, as the editor of the "The Price of Liberty" forum, my friend and author Tedd Adamovich, points out, an America which lives by her constitution, trusts in God and is a living example to, and so leads, the world.

NATO leaders lied about the magnitude of atrocities committed in Yugoslavia and the consequent war is another example of manipulating public opinion for a purpose which was not in the interest of the American people. The war was won, misery prevails. Then the peace is lost as a new war is unfolding in Macedonia. It is triggered by the same Albanian Moslems who were the only ones to benefit from the NATO war. NATO opened the way for them. All United Nations "peace keeping" actions seem to have the same result - further conflict. Already the name "peace keeping" is a fraud. Manipulators do not know how to make peace and soldiers should not be transformed into police men.

Manipulation could fill many volumes. But this short review would not be complete without mentioning the manipulation of the moral and intellectual structures in which we live. From the fairy tale that communism was defeated to the concept that abortion means freedom for women, from the ideological (Nazi-style) selection of news items to the direct lying by the media - hundreds of million of people have been conditioned to consider good and normal what in reality is evil. The Nazi brain washing which I remember very well was harmless compared with what we are being exposed to today. The consequent national and international bureaucratic structures stifle freedom. Most conservatives and Christians accept this manipulated framework based on lies as the abiding reality by which they try to develop their own concepts of moral values. They will always lose because their purpose is not adequate. They are not aiming at the total reconstruction of the godless national and international infrastructure and at the complete elimination of the corrupt system which cripples the greatest country on earth. The bible and the Constitution must be the unchangeable foundation of this nation. That means revolution - a more demanding but peaceful one.

Manipulation of any kind, be it in the family, in business, or in the leadership of nations is self-destructive. It is the nemesis to Godís perfect law installed in every human heart. It is contrary to His greatest commandment to love Him with all your heart and to love your neighbor as you love yourself, commandments as relevant to nations as to individuals. The truth of an argument must be the decisive factor in decision making not manipulation on the basis of lies. We have to get from the individual manipulation, like the UN Criminal Court and the justified resistance to it, to the principle of a cure that has to be established for all humanity under the leadership of the United States. Winning a battle here and another there is not sufficient. To insure liberty for future generation we must win the war against the lie. The lie must be defeated.

The principle any patriot, man, woman or child, has to stand up and fight for, is: to make the absolute truth of God the basis of all human relationships. It begins with absolute honesty about oneself to God and to oneself. To be reborn is a decisive step but if it does not lead to an all-out fight for the rebirth of the nation it is not good enough. The issue for America is: will it be the godless manipulators who lead us and the world down the garden path or will it be the voice of God which wants to lead us into the bright future He has in store for us?


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Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

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