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monthly articles by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

Hilmar von Campe

This Spring I visited Mexico City and talked to many people of all backgrounds. My family and I had lived there for 15 years; we have many friends and know our way around. One reason for leaving Mexico was the government corruption. Dina and I didn’t want our children to grow up in a society where the concept of right and wrong is blurred, and get accustomed to it. God was outlawed in government and in the schools. There was neither a teaching of religion and moral standards in the German Humboldt School nor in any public school in Mexico. Government officials were forbidden to enter a church and consequently they made their own rules of behavior. That resulted in the fact that nearly everybody, from the president down to the last police officer, was out for himself. Corruption in all branches of government became a way of life. I had experienced Nazi Godlessness in Germany and suffered the results. I wanted nothing of it again.

I always get good information from my taxi drivers. I asked them whether the police was less corrupt than they were twenty years ago. The unanimous answer was that nothing had changed. When you were stopped for a traffic violation, real or invented, one didn’t get a ticket but was made to pay a somewhat lower cash amount to the cop. He, however, only got a small part of it, the principal amount of his daily take went to his superior officer who took his share and then passed it on further up. The biggest amount went to the chief of police, in my time General Arturo Durazo. According to his personal assistant, Lt. Col. Jose Gonzalez, who published the different dubious outside sources for the cash flow of his boss, Durazo’s income during his 6 years in charge of Mexico’s police, was more than twice as much as the annual budget of the City of Mexico. When my office was assaulted at the end of the eighties it was obvious to us that the leader of the intruders was an active or former police officer by the way he pointed his gun at us.

I asked a taxi driver during this last visit whether it is true that the state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) is owned by the people of Mexico as the government claims and if so what his benefits were as a co-owner. He nearly drove into another car when he shouted angrily that he and his colleagues have to pay a very high price for gasoline plus tax. “These gangsters want to have everything for themselves!” He was referring to the majority party of the Mexican Congress since 1929, PRI – Partido Revolucionario Institucional - and to those who run the oil company. PEMEX is a center of corruption. It serves for countless people of the establishment as source for personal enrichment. The head of its trade union gave during my time a luxurious villa in Acapulco to President Lopez Portillo as a gift, not on behalf of the workers, but of the trade union. In that villa the president for instance could be with his mistress, a member of his cabinet, without being disturbed by his wife. At that time I thought that no president could be more corrupt than Lopez Portillo. Miguel de la Madrid, however, who followed him, “only” took a few hundred million dollars. But President Carlos Salinas de Gortari easily beat all of his predecessors. I need to stress that I am not talking here just about individual cases but about integrated and institutionalized government corruption. Most - if not all – of those in government institutions are corrupt, only the amounts are different. The presidents used to name their following president as a kind of risk insurance against criminal persecution. However Salinas de Gortari left the country in a hurry when his term ended because of the outrage he had caused.

I don’t believe that President Fox is part of this financial corruption. Nobody has suggested that to me and I have no evidence of it. His corruption is different: it is of political nature. He has not faced the reality of why there is no work for millions of people in his country with rich resources, a well-educated and intelligent middle class, and an excellent work force. I still meet today with some of my workers of that time. It is because of the corruption of which I only described the tip of an iceberg. For decades the government has cheated and manipulated ordinary citizens especially the illiterate and uneducated people in the countryside, bribed them with promises at election time but didn’t improve their fundamentals. Now he and his administration push them on us, likeable human beings who understandingly want to work and have an income to support their families. They help them to cross the border illegally, show them how to avoid the American border patrol and make help available to them through their consular corps which subverts our immigration laws. And we are supposed to reward their breaking of our laws by giving them a fast path to citizenship. After first being exploited by their governments they are here being exploited by greedy employers and by the radical left organizers who teach them how to demonstrate on streets which are not theirs in a country which is not their own to demand rights which do not correspond to them.

Furthermore, they were given a cause: to recapture the South West of the United States for Mexico. The argument is that the territory of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming is the cradle of the Aztec civilization in the so-called “Nation of Atzlan”, that the United States stole all of this in the 19th century and must now give it back to the rightful owners, the people and government of Mexico. I have written about this in my earlier article, “The forgotten Factor”. But this territory was ceded by Mexico to the United States 1848 in the Peace Treaty of Guadalupe de Hidalgo, which ended the 2 years Mexican-American war, and for a small additional region in 1853 as part of the Gadsden Purchase. The United States paid in total $28,250,000 (equivalent to $664,050,000 in 2004 dollars) for 1,436,770 square km. Texas had joined the Union 1845 as independent nation. The argument, based on a lie, nevertheless has now reached the force of an ideological threat to our culture and therewith to the very existence as a free nation. The real threat, however, does not come from outside but as usual from inside. Neither the President nor the Senate addressed this issue. They excluded the vast cultural differences and education levels the two countries. It is one thing to integrate individual people who want to be a part of this nation and accept culture and national mission. It is something else to integrate a block of millions of people from another culture, which could grow in a short time from 12 million illegal aliens to 66 million, according the weekly Human Events. They don’t want to integrate and they don’t need to – they will live among themselves, especially if shortsighted appeasers in America allow the Spanish language to become official language besides English. I hope that Attorney General Gonzalez does not belong to them.

I listened to news and commentaries on television and read Mexican newspapers. It was obvious that the initial position for all reasoning by reporters, commentators and politicians was that there was nothing wrong with Mexicans being in the United States without a visa. Mexicans had a right to be there, didn’t need permission since without them the US economy would crumble apart from the fact that part of the United States belonged to Mexico anyway. We were confronted with the same theme during the demonstrations in our cities in April and May of this year – “this is our continent not yours!” The commentators criticized the idea of a border fence and the employment of National Guards as violations of human rights. They called it anti-Mexican. Right or wrong was not an issue. The Mexican Congress condemned the building of a fence at the border to stop the illegal entry of Mexicans. Senator Enrique Jackson, a top congressional leader, called it “unjustified and an aggression against the Mexicans, a hostile act of the United States Congress.” Foreign Relations Secretary Jorge Castaneda in a radio interview called the use of the National Guards “reprehensible” and pointed out at the same time that Mexican emigration would go on for at least one decade. These politicians don’t seem to be the kind of friends, as President Bush called them in his speech of May 15, which one would like to have. In the meanwhile the Bank of Mexico enjoys receiving around 20 billion dollars a year sent home by Mexican workers.

The “Nation of Atzlan” according to David Orland, author of the book “The Road to Aztlan” was invented 30 years ago by radical Latino activists. With other words that nation never existed. Spearheading this fraudulent cause is MECeA, the Movimiento Estudantil de Chicanos de Aztlan (The Student Movement of Aztlan Chicanos) with about 300 unions in the United States of which 100 are in California. They are joined by a number of other Communist/Marxist organizations which I listed in my earlier article. “MECeA supports a high level of Mexican immigration to the United States” and hopes to achieve its goals “by sheer weight of numbers”, writes Orland. MCCeA’s “policies include open borders, government benefits (including the right to vote and obtain drivers licenses) for non-citizens, amnesty for illegal aliens, dual citizenship, state recognition of Spanish as an official language, and racial set-asides in education and corporate hiring.”

Senator Frist can report to President Fox and to the leadership of MECeA and their allies that he did his very best to comply with their demands paragraphing them in the Senate Immigration Bill. He may believe that the senators produced the language and terms of this bill but it would be highly interesting to find out what every individual senator, who was in favor of the bill, thought he was voting for. Alabama’s US Senator Jeff Sessions in his speech on the Senate floor on May 23 offered a devastating analysis of the bill. Conservative weekly Human Events published the whole speech with the following introduction:

Sessions pointed to shocking elements of the bill that were hidden deep in its text. These include, for example, that the employers of illegal aliens would be given an amnesty for cheating on their taxes, and that under the terms of the law the government would for all practical purposes have to take an illegal alien’s word for it that he has been in the country long enough to qualify for an amnesty. Sessions also pointed to some of the tremendous hidden costs of the bill, including the $500 billion in additional welfare payments it will cost American taxpayer. (www.humaneventsonline.com/article.php?print=yes&kid=15165)

It is appalling to see how this issue has been treated by the last presidents and Congress for years, allowing the situation to develop into this nightmare on which President Bush commented, “that it is neither wise nor realistic” to send millions of illegals back to where they came from. He did not mention, however, that we got to this point because he didn’t do anything about it for 6 years. It seems that he has a secret agenda called “Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)”, which has to be dealt with separately. The Senate bill is a disaster and I agree with our Senator Sessions that it should be withdrawn. The people who drafted this legislation, he pointed out, have first created a façade with provisions which give an appearance of enforcement, an appearance of toughness and at the same time carefully and deliberately had “tucked away laws that eviscerate and eliminate the real effectiveness of those provisions.” With other words, the staff of the Senate has been subverted by elements hostile to America who are able to manipulate the majority of the Senate into voting for a bill damaging the real interests of the United States and the rights of the American people and legal immigrants. The traitors responsible for this fraud should be brought to justice.

The United States is close to commiting suicide as a nation. For one thing the already high costs of the illegal invasion – for instance $4.3 billion per year in Florida and $1,200 per citizen in California, according to two different studies - will grow dramatically. If the Senate bill becomes law we would no longer be a nation of law where the law is the same for everybody and the demographic composition of the United States population would be severely affected. The breaking of the law, and in a myriad of cases the use of fraudulent documents, would be rewarded with a right to citizenship and social services which would have to be paid by American citizens. The structure of voters would change and a vast block of uneducated people alien to our way of life, history and mission would have the last word in every election with a decisive influence on the direction of where we go. That cannot be accepted.

What about the illegal workers from Central America? And what about the thousands if not tens of thousands of Mexican and non-Mexican criminals and terrorists who have slipped and keep slipping into the United States? There are apparently already places in California where drug traffikers are buying themselves into city councils and positions of mayor.

What needs to be done in my view is not complicated: the border has to be closed completely now, the employers of illegal aliens have to be punished severely if they continue doing so, and a law needs to be passed denying citizenship to children of illegal aliens cannot claim citizenships. Congressman Ron Paul has already introduced such a bill in the House of Representatives. A temporary workers program has to be created with no road to citizenship. An employer, for instance, could make contracts with his illegal workers and the chambers of commerce of the nations involved can put up a facility for instance in Mexico City where those who have a contract can get as fast as possible a temporary visa for themsemselves and their immediate families.

The United States should help the Mexican government transform PEMEX into a clean, efficient and well run corporation, which could double the Mexican oil production and create countless plants of secondary products and create vast amounts of new jobs in Mexico. That needs to be done with PEMEX remaining a Mexican owned company. It could create a vast amount of jobs. We are making it too easy for the Mexican government to dig themselves out of the hole of their corruption by allowing them to send their unemployed to America. Mexicans in general are likable and cheerful people. They deserve a better government system and need the right help from us.

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Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

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Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

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