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monthly articles by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

The Evil of Political Convenience or Deadly Contradictions

by Hilmar von Campe

Standards that change according to events in a given moment but are not applied universally are called double standards. Pious reflections on the need to do "the just thing" in that context are defined as double talk. Double talk is at the heart of the global crisis that has reached the boiling point.

There is no question that the shooting war in Afghanistan after September 11 constitutes self-defense and, as declared by the president, aims at eliminating the threatening evil network of terrorism. Military action is necessary and must be decisive but covers only one aspect of the fierce attack on America. At stake is freedom in the world. The decisive issue, however, is whether America has the spiritual and moral resources to prevail not only now but in the long term over the raging hatred of hundreds of millions of people across the world who are being programmed for hating America. Most Americans think that in the unfolding war against terrorism we are the good ones who fight evil. But is that really so? We are certainly fighting evil people with an evil program but are we good?

When I was a soldier in the German army during WWII, was I evil, and was every American soldier good? This of course would be a very naïve way of looking at the matter. Obviously I was fighting for an evil national cause designed by evil leaders, and because there was uncontrolled evil within myself, I was blind to the nature of the cause despite despising the Nazis. The American soldier was not necessarily a better person than I but he was fighting for a just cause. Truth was pervading American society at that time while evil was pervading German society.

Good is only what is truthful. Evil is everything that denies truth. Every lie, as small as it may be, is evil. American society is the living example of double talk and double standards and the problem is that most Americans don't realize it because they look at their ideals but not at their reality as a nation. Hotel rooms show this reality: on one hand you find the bible in the bed-site table, and on the other hand you find available pornographic films, including hard-core porn, as part of the TV movie-choices. Human nature likes to have both at the same time, but that is not possible. Moslems don't like this message in combination with the awesome military and economic power, especially when the Clinton people try to impose their immorality through the United Nations on the rest of the world. Double standards, I believe, are the cause of much of the hatred. There can be no final victory for freedom unless the contradictions in American society are healed.

In God we trust so it states on the dollar bill, a Nation under God we proclaim in the pledge of allegiance and May God bless America is the expressed desire of every patriot and every leader.

But why should God bless America? Because a majority of voters voted an adulterer, perjurer and liar whose life style is an insult to God into the highest office of the nation and let him get away with murder in the name of bi-partisanship? Or should He because He has been shut out of schools and government offices with phony and unconstitutional reasons without The Congress correcting this abomination? God certainly has no reason to bless a society that does not respect human life and has legalized for the past 30 years the murder of about 40 million unborn human beings. Should God bless America when churches render the truth dumb like the Trinity Episcopal Church in New York or the Episcopal Dioceses of Minnesota and Washington that make financial help to African dioceses dependent on the acceptance of the evil habit of homosexuality? It was faith in God and recognition of His moral law and human nature that motivated the founding fathers and created the extraordinary American constitution and nation. Is Washington living by this constitution? And at a time when the life and existence of every last person in the nation is threatened by ruthless terrorists, fear in our own ranks and moral ambiguity are our most dangerous enemies. It is the same faith in God that more than anything else conquers fear and gives strength to the nation; adults and children alike.

But still the ACLU and similar minded allies continue unrestricted to implement Nazi policies by suing and imposing their godlessness on America. I have seen the implementation of the same policy in Nazi Germany where I grew up. They are more dangerous to America and freedom than the Taliban! Why can they do it? They represent a block of votes for the Democrats who as a body have turned their back on truth for political convenience and there are too many Republicans who are interested in the same votes.

It also seems that in our current war the same political convenience is reigning, that was displayed sixty years ago when the Allies formed a partnership with the Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany but refused to talk to the German resistance. It was the same mass murderer Joe, who took "his friend" Franklin for a ride in Yalta, who had planed the war against Europe since the twenties using his fellow criminal Hitler to break up the West in order to destroy all of them together once he had done his job. The Molotow-Ribbentrop pact of 1939 had the purpose to assure Hitler that he could attack the West without having to worry about an attack from the Soviet Union in his back. Together they invaded Poland and Germany went on to conquer Western Europe.

Then Hitler turned on Stalin. When he attacked the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 he just beat Stalin for 14 days. The Soviet attack on Germany and Western Europe was scheduled for July 6. The extraordinary success of the German army in the first months of the war occupying a vast area of the Soviet Union and making hundreds of thousand of prisoners was due to the fact that the German forces thrust into the nearly finished offensive formation of the vastly superior Soviet forces. The Soviets were not prepared for defensive battle and had lost the control of the air in the first hours of the assault.

Is there a similar game going on today? It seems to me that bin Laden and his sponsors use the Americans in this Afghanistan war - by distributing f. i. pictures of dead or wounded civilians and lamenting the ruthless Americans - to whip the approximately 165 millions militant Islamic fanatics in the world into violent action in order to first topple the shaky Arab kingdoms like Saudi Arabia, destroy Israel, and then go with full fury against the "unbelieving" United States and the West. The goal is to achieve Islamic global hegenomy. They provoke Israel through bloody Palestinian terrorism and use the military response of a country with its back against the wall to instigate hatred against Israel and the United States; especially in the Moslem countries that are part of the anti-terrorist alliance. Israel has already lost 170 citizens in 7000 terrorist assaults in less than one year..

Now we are getting to the political convenience. Instead of standing firmly on Israel's side the Bush administration pretends that Arafat - contrary to bin Laden - is not a terrorist, and simultaneously pressures Sharon to find an arrangement with this father of terrorism. While the United States refuses to negotiate with the Taliban leadership - and correctly so - they pressure Israel to negotiate with Arafat. Double standards! There will never be any arrangement with Arafat that is not aimed at the destruction of Israel!

The Pakistani intelligence service created the Taliban in the Islamic colleges in Pakistan and helped them, once in power, to install the terrorist infrastructure of bin Laden. There are now about 15.000 "retired" Pakistani officers and soldiers fighting in the ranks of the Taliban. They keep crossing the border even with heavy equipment. I would put Pakistan into the category one of the most dangerous terrorist states in the world. To assume therefore that Pakistan is a real ally of the United States is as silly as having considered Stalin to be a friend of any free country. But it is politically convenient - because of the logistical necessities for the war in Afghanistan.

India of course does not look kindly on the inclusion of a terrorist state that can go further left any day into an antiterrorist alliance, especially as the Indian state of Kashmir suffered only recently a terrorist attack out of Pakistan at its parliament in the summer capital of Srinagar (which killed 38 people and injured 100). While the Founder of Pakistan, Muhammed Ali Jinnah, upheld the concept of two states recognizing therewith India's right as an independent state, the jihad doctrine of former president General Zia-ul-Haq holds that Pakistan has the right to eliminate the non-Moslem state of India through jihad. The Indian newspaper Organiser comments that that shift "represents no more than a reversion to the historic pattern of the Islamic invaders of India, going back a thousand years." Moslems within India are pressured to join the jihad movement. The effort of secretary of state Colin Powell to push India toward a peaceful arrangement with Pakistan ignores reality and may serve the present American war effort in the short run, but not the long-term need of India to defend herself against fundamentalist Islamic aggression from inside and outside, or the long term interests of the United States.

The fact that Russia and China support the United States in her war on terrorism doesn't mean that they are our friends. Both countries have important Moslem population segments within their borders that could threaten their rule. So why not - a la Stalin - have the US fighting the war for them while hopefully getting a beating at the same time. When the Chinese President Jiang Zemin piously requested that American forces should try not to hurt the civilian population in Afghanistan then that is the pinnacle of hypocrisy coming from the head of a terrorist murder state which killed a quarter of the Tibetan civilian population and stole a big chunk of that nations land. Communism and Islamic fundamentalism have the same root: hatred.

It is likely, however, that the Soviets themselves created these terrorist networks to use them in the same way as Stalin used Hitler and Germany: this time to destroy America and the West. Putin was a KGB agent and then headed the Russian successor organization, the Federal Security Service (FSB). The KGB has a history of aiding terrorists. Former Russian prime minister Yevgeny Primakov, also a lifelong KGB agent and specialist for the Middle East and his Moscow Institute for the Middle East, helped Iran and Iraq develop their intelligence services. Both countries are being armed by Russia and China with sophisticated weaponry including nuclear technology. Primakov also helped create terrorist organizations in Lybia and the Near East. The war against terrorism has several levels. Russia and China with Western taxpayer's money are themselves in an unprecedented armament race strengthening their offensive capacities and preparing their populations for nuclear war.

It is one thing to enter into a short-term cooperation with an immoral government but it is another thing to upgrade ideological enemy nations for political convenience and alienate therewith those nations who share democratic principles with us like India, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, and South Korea. On the other hand, I don't know of one Moslem state where people are free and equal, and I doubt that Colin Powell has the slightest idea about the nature of Islam and Communism. It is a big mistake to believe that we are dealing just with terrorists. The ignorance of Western policy makers about what they are up against is maddening to me. Contrary to what is being said officially, we are dealing with Islam. And Islam is not a peaceful religion but an aggressive warrior philosophy for world conquest irrespective of the sincerity of millions of Moslems. Allah is not our God, the God of Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus. Allah was one of 365 gods in Babylon - the moon god, married to the sun goddess, whom Mohammed transformed in to the one and only God. He was the equivalent in Babylon to Zeus in Greece - the god of war. In the Christian understanding he is an idol. Christians who don't accept Mohammed as prophet are described in the Koran as "the vilest of all creatures".

Osama bin Laden may sit in the tunnels of his mountain fortress in Little Pamir which was built by the Soviets to serve as a third response nuclear strike basis. When they abandoned it four years after the Soviet army had left Afghanistan bin Laden took over according to a report by World Net Daily. It will be very difficult to capture him there in the middle of a bodyguard of 6000 warriors. But even if American Special Forces led by Russian intelligence officers (who know the territory) would succeed in capturing him, the al-Qaida network would only be scratched. There are five autonomous commands. Bin Laden is the head of all of them but he also heads one, the Afghanistan-Pakistan-Tadjikistan command, then there are the Central Asian command under the Uzbek Jumma Mamangani, based in the Ferghana Valley, the Balkan command under Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri based in Kosovo or Albania, with responsibility for Europe and Britain, the Gulf-Middle East command under Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyeh based in Teheran who is likely to work closely together with Arafat, and the North Africa-Spain-France command headed by Algerian Fateh Kamel, based in Algier, who together with Al Zawahri lead also the North American operations, carried forward by a network of enemies within our borders.

But this is only one of many Islamic terrorist networks. There are a number in Pakistan only to mention one country - the Harkat-ul-Mujahedin or Jaisch-e-Mohammad. American leadership is stalking through a jungle, through a moral morass of hatred, lies, and potential violence where many countries are involved and where there are no clear boundaries, compounded by the United Nations where the same countries are members and busy forming anti-American alliances with fraudulent human right reasoning. There is only one road to remain on top of events and prevail: stop self-centered political convenience at the expense of others and make truth the principle of every policy decision. And the battle for truth has to start within this nation by every last person..

I believe that the value-free power brokerage to which politicians got accustomed, not having a bigger purpose than self, is coming to an end because it doesn't work and makes things worse. Trying to fix an immediate problem versus a long-term strategy is totally inadequate. Can't we learn from the past? When Stalin did not need the allies any more after the defeat of Nazi Germany - he got not all but a lot of what he wanted - he changed the focus of his thrust for world power on to those who thought him to be an ally. And these ignorant people still daydream that they have defeated communism.

The hatred around the world and the lack of moral standards has reached such a boiling point that there is not much of a margin left to keep blundering ahead. Either we set an absolute standard of truth in all we say and do within the country as well as in international relations and stand up for it, or we dig our own grave. The American legal, social, and political structures have to be filled with truth so that America can fulfill her mission in the world: freedom for all people and nations. Truth is the pre-condition for freedom. It is either truth or lies that will govern our life and our societies. It is life and freedom or death and destruction. Every one has to make a choice. America has to make her choice. There is little time left.

And regarding the wish that God may bless America, we need to listen to George Washington's Prayer for the Nation: "Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection, …that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased do dispose us all to do justice, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without an humble imitation of whose example in these things, we can never be a happy nation. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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