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Defending the Faith Extending Freedom

by Hilmar von Campe

Western civilization is under attack. This attack can be defined as an assault on the Christian values, which are the foundation upon which Western nations were built. These values are expressed in the 10 Commandments and in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The twelve apostles went out to comply with Jesus' final commission to "make disciples of all nations and baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teach them to observe all I have commanded you."

Christian teachings, customs and practices are an inseparable part of Western history and culture. This historical fact is not affected by the millions of people leaving the churches today - many because their churches had discarded God's supreme right to total submission of all nations. Too many Christians have resigned and adjusted to living as Christians in a post-Christian society instead of fighting for God's will to be done on earth as is in Heaven. That means abolishing socialist and creating god-centered societies. For that purpose, I believe, America, today the lead nation of Western society, was created as a nation with freedom as a mission and a constitution as a political expression of Christian teachings, which alone make freedom possible.

Our laws and legal system are based on God's absolute moral standards, meaning, that before God, and therefore also before the law, all human beings are equal. Such a concept existed nowhere in the world before Jesus of Nazareth appeared, and it changed the world. That we are abandoning this concept while preaching it at the same time is one signal of the effectiveness of the attack on our values.

Defining human existence as part of eternity runs through nearly two thousand years of Western culture, be it in literature, music, painting, theatre or architecture. Christianity therefore consists not only of the religious faith expressed by Christians that through Jesus Christ we can find forgiveness of our sins and gain eternal life, but also of the legal, social, and political infrastructure of a Western nation, which resulted from Christian teachings and must be understood as translation of those teachings into man's social existence. One only has to look at the backward Islamic societies, where equality before God or before the law or the concept of loving your neighbor do not exist, in order to realize the result of the lack of those teachings: backwardness. They lack the wealth, which Western people have access to because of it. It can be pointed out that at the same time the European history is one of wars, arrogance, bigotry and intolerance. The pilgrims who came to the shores of America and started the process, which led to the formation of the United States of America, fled Europe because of the intolerance and abuse of power by government and church leaders. And that was no different a reason than the one which inspired Martin Luther to stand up to an established class of Roman Catholic church bureaucrats who wanted to control the population. All of this, however, can be understood as "in house" conflicts within our civilization, produced by people with limited knowledge of God and human nature. Disputed were the understanding of God, the interpretation of Christian teachings and the political application, but not God himself.

This changed with the French revolution and Jean Jacques Rousseau's thinking. His false concept of the natural goodness of human beings exposed to the corrupting influence of society constitutes a rejection of God because it is opposed to biblical truth and reality, which point out the individual responsibility and the fallen nature of man. It was the beginning of the insurrection of society against God, which led to the institutionalized abandonment of his moral order and the establishment of a global and political infrastructure, which is contrary to His order but capable of integrating toothless Christian religion.

Hegel explained all events in the world as part of the movements of the absolute world spirit eliminating therewith God as a historical force. Marx followed and declared history to be a series of class struggles defining the capitalist as class enemy and cause for all evil of society. This adulterer didn't know what evil is because he was blind to his own corrupt character. His medicine: the expropriation of property and the elimination of the enemy class. Since Marx's historical materialism and economic theories are based on hatred and the rejection of God, Marxism and Christianity are incompatible. Marxism can be defined as immorality, other people's money and unrestricted power for self. Marx's fantasy that man is good led to mass-killings, the intellectual victimization of whole sections of society and entire nations and to the wasteful spending of trillions of dollars to rectify injustice on the basis of materialism without contributing to the progress of humanity. Instead it made people and nations dependent on the provider of money. This philosophy has become a vehicle for the enrichment of the distributors of the wealth of others: the international establishment class.

When the Nazis captured Germany in 1933 the Institute of Social Research - founded 1924 in Frankfurt and modeled on the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow - moved to New York. With their ideologists Marcuse, Adorno and others it had a devastating impact on American society and especially on entire student generations.

Their and their pupils' objectives are identical to the goals of Lenin, Stalin and their successors: to eliminate God, destroy free society and establish a socialist-totalitarian system of government. World control by the socialist, capitalist and financial (!) elites began to replace the concept of the classless society. They expanded the traditional Marxist class-enemy list to encompass all civil and cultural institutions of Western society such as schools, universities, the family, the church, the media, the judiciary, Hollywood, private foundations, and others. Abandoning the Marxist/Leninist revolutionary concept of taking over government from outside, by force if necessary, they settled in favor of a new methodology: subverting and taking over the institutions from within, destroying the morals of the people, penetrating their minds and disconnecting them from their history, culture and traditions. The creation of the so-called multi-cultural societies is part of the scheme as well as the legalization of abortion and of all sorts of sexual perversions, which are being infiltrated into the nationalized education system. All of this is aimed at generating forces from within of Western society that will culminate in the destruction of the existing social order - the infrastructure based on Christian teachings.

We are facing a frontal attack on Christianity because Judeo/Christian moral absolutes are an obstacle for totalitarian rule. Those of us who lived through the Nazi years in Germany can attest to that. I very well remember the two Gestapo men standing in front of our church noting down the names of those who entered. In the Hitler Youth they ridiculed everything Christian. 'You can pray and sing hymns at home and in the church', we were told, 'but in society we, the national socialists, are in charge.' And now, 60 years later, I hear exactly the same here in America and find myself in the middle of the destruction of the Christian spirit and structures of Western society, which, if successful, will lead to an atheist world for our children and grandchildren. The ACLU has taken over the praxis of the Nazi party.

In order to defend our faith and our freedom we have to understand the nature of the attack in the cultural-ideological war. The issue is power not morals. Morality is the battlefield. God is not only love and truth he is above all power - hence the reference to the 'almighty'. The war we are in is for control and power like any other war. Territorial gain, however, is not the objective but rather world control through taking over control of the existing institutions including governments. This definition holds the key to understanding the present state of American and Western society. The battle line goes through every nation. The United States, Germany, Chile and other nations are divided right down the middle - on the surface by political party but underneath by ideology.

What I say is not complicated. If atheist conspirators want to eliminate God in a nation in order to take over, the way to succeed is to launch false philosophies and implement laws, which destroy the connections of people to God's moral commandments and entice them to give in to their lusts and ambitions. Such people can be manipulated. The essence of the war now raging is: almighty God vs. almighty man, absolute moral standards vs. moral relativism, God's absolute truth vs. the lie.

The convenient assumption that religion and politics are two separate parts of society is absurd. It is wrong to lie for anybody including the politicians. This wrong and subversive concept originates, I believe, from the abuse of political power by the Catholic Church engaged in the day-to-day power play in earlier centuries. The church was a spiritual and a political power at the same time. In England the Church became an instrument of a godless king. In both cases people were dictated to what they should believe and punished if they didn't. The American Founding Fathers wanted to prevent that anything similar could happen in America. Therefore it says in the first amendment 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or abridging the free exercise thereof.' It puts a limitation on government not on Christians as has become the unconstitutional praxis.

Nobody including judges can define this honestly as "separation of church and state" which is nowhere to be found in the Constitution. I cannot understand how a whole nation of free people can accept such nonsense especially if on top of it the interpretation of a non-existent law is done in such a malicious way as has become the praxis in the United States. Contrary to the intentions of the founders of this nation, the real purpose underneath is not the separation of two institutions, which of course have no business to interfere with each other, but the separation of God and society. God is not the invention of religious people. He is reality, which was recognized by the founding fathers. To ignore this existential reality shows a lack of assessment. No government, no judge, no person can do his job adequately on the basis of such ignorance.

I believe that every Christian and patriot must be actively engaged in this cultural/ideological war. Those who are not are on the wrong side of the battle line. We have to renew ourselves and make Jesus' teachings the basis of a revolution to transform the world, spoil the purposes of the godless and restore God to his central place in our societies. That means injecting truth into all sections of society first here and then in all nations. To defend and spread freedom means to stand up and fight for truth.

The enemy of truth is the lie, the mother of evil. Evil has to be exposed, attacked, and uprooted with everything we have - like Dietrich Bonhoeffer did. He paid the same price as Jesus and St. Peter, St. Paul and so many others who walked in the footprints of Jesus. The battle for truth in the ideological-cultural war begins with the battle within oneself. It means no more lies. I started my battle by giving my life and career to God and then as part of a series of moral decisions decided never to lie again and make restitution for the harm Germany and I had done to others.

When I said at the beginning that morality is the battlefield I must now bring the focus to where morality originates: in human nature.

In her analysis of the character of Vladimir Putin, president of Russia and former KGB agent, Edith Kohn writes in the German newspaper Die Welt on March 25, 2000 "The decisive question for any agent is: 'what benefit can I get from a person?' …An agent sees every day how weak people can be; therefore he works hard on the depths of a human soul to be able to exploit that person. At the same time he has to hide his own murky depths, store them away deep down in his soul so that he cannot be blackmailed with them… The issue is state versus freedom. Putin has always given priority to the state and disregarded the freedom of the others. It is understandable, that such a person has to believe in a strong state, because he knows by experience, how weak a person can be."

This is a precise analysis about the origin of any totalitarian rule. American society, which is different from European societies, is supposed to hold the counter-position, not exploit others but care others, and was organized with her constitution on biblical truth to prevent abuse of power, guarantee human freedom and spread it across the globe. But the nation forgot God and cheats on the reality of human nature and on the spirit and letter of the constitution. Everything, justice, social order, war or peace, life or death boils down to the question of how to handle human nature.

St. Paul states in the seventh chapter of his letters to the Romans that his own behavior baffles him. "I find myself not doing what I really want to do but doing what I really loath … my conscious mind whole-heartedly endorses the Law, yet I observe an entirely different principle at work in my nature." The principle he refers to is the fact that human nature is opposed to God and His will - not necessarily as a consequence of a decision but as a result of the dictate of sinful lower nature with all its selfish desires. "Who on earth", he asks, "sets me free from the clutches of my own sinful nature? I thank God there is a way out through Jesus Christ our Lord.

"And that is it! There is no future for humanity outside Jesus Christ. Pontius Pilate asked him "who are you?" Jesus answered, "I am a messenger of truth". Every Christian needs to walk in the foot-prints of our Lord and be a messenger of truth by the way he lives, the purpose he has and the battle he puts up. God can only rule the world through people and leaders committed to His will who find new motives and a new character through Jesus Christ.

We cannot win this war by only defending our values. Attack is the best defense. Victory goes to those who have the better weapons and a superior strategy. There is no stronger weapon than truth. To make God's truth the basis of all human relationships must be the revolution of the 21rst century.

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