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Connecting With The Power Of God, by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

Connecting With The Power Of God, by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

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monthly articles by Hilmar von Campe, thought provoking intellectual, speaker, and author.

Americans, Defeat The Totalitarian Lie
Hilmar von Campe

I grew up in the godless Nazi state and studied its roots after the end of WW II. I know what it is like. I shudder when I now watch America heading in the same direction. Millions of Americans who cannot distinguish any more the difference between right and wrong help advance the destruction of our sovereignty and freedom. The closest similarity between Nazi society then and our society now is the connection between immorality and totalitarian system where power is achieved through lying. The lies as such may be different from each other but the principle of dishonesty and slander as basis for a society and government is the same. Americans like the Europeans and the rest of the world live in a shroud of lies but Americans did not live that way because our Constitution is based on Christian teachings. Then the government establishment began to arrange the interpretation of the Constitution according to their political and personal interest. Now we are being pushed by the godless within and from without in the totalitarian direction. The tea party on the other hand is a great step into the right direction.

There is only one possible reason for my escape out of the Communist Yugoslavian prisoner of war camp in October 1945:  God took me out like the Jews from Egypt and got me back to Germany after providing boats where I needed them to cross rivers, blinded a Soviet patrol which came after me with a German shepherd and other miracles such as crossing the border to freedom in Austria when I left the Soviet occupation zone   although an armed Soviet soldier at the border seemed to be blind and nearly collided with me. I entered the British zone and therewith the free world. Five of us had left the camp but I was alone. However one of them got also across the border to freedom one day later.

 When I looked down from a hill into an Austrian city my mind remembered the many nearly incredible events which I had gone through since leaving the camp and asked myself whether it was God who had broad me to freedom. Immediately the thought followed, “if that is so then He must have a purpose for me.” Four years later I found that purpose, changed my life completely, gave my life to God and promised that I would use my life to make restitution for the atrocities committed by a German government even though I had no part in them. I also decided never to use other people to enrich myself. I also not only think but know that everybody can change. Who wants to change his nation and the world must begin with him- or herself. New men and women, a new nation and a new world, that is the road to take.

I firmly believe God sent me to America, of which I am now a citizen, with the mission   to warn the American people not to follow the example of Germany that led to a totalitarian system. The battle for freedom in the world will be decided here in America. That is why I am here. Listening to the news and political and social commentaries I came to the conclusion that our leadership and most people do not understand the reality of today – they do not know the nature of enemies, who have declared war on us a long time ago, nor their targets, operational procedures or final goal. At my speaking engagements and in my books and articles I say that Germany went down because of godlessness. That means that in the final analysis, we fell not because of material weakness but because of immorality, the appeasing of evil and lack of character. Courage and a God guided purpose superior to National Socialism were needed. These, however, were missing but for single individuals and groups of fighters who risked their lives, which most of them lost. Thankfully, our opposition here today against our godless enemies is much stronger and organized.

So far I have financed 25 years to get my message out and spent more than 1 $million for my operation. Earlier after the war I worked 20 years without any salary to make God the center of nations. Now I am looking for sponsors and would appreciate your reading my analysis of our present situation as a nation and what to do about it.    

If I am right when I say that Germany went down because of godlessness then that applies also to America. It is the godlessness, the immorality of our leadership and the appeasement of evil in the hearts and actions of so many of this leadership, which is bringing America close to the abyss and the loss of freedom. I have heard many people who are afraid that it might happen and do not know what to do about it. I tell them and want to do much more.  

Our enemies want to destroy America with our money without us being aware of it.
Once the United States becomes bankrupt and is robbed of their military strength the real faces of our enemies will appear. Europe, like the US, will be absorbed into the Socialist/Communist world. Our present government is engaged in creating disaster for this nation. Why on earth, for instance, do we pay trillions of interest and undefined dollars to the Federal Reserve for a job which according to the Constitution should be handled by Congress? Are we sold to the bankers who refuse to open their accounts with our tax money to Congress? Our government alone in 2010 paid $413 billions of interest according to governmentgoingwild.org. Since1988 the government has spend more than $8trillion just for interest.

Americans in growing numbers are becoming aware of what is wrong but do not understand the nature of what is befalling them. They do not see the intention of our enemies and do not realize that our political and economic problems are merely consequences of the worldviews and morality of those who made godlessness take root in our society for selfish reasons. People are losing the strength to oppose the growing evil.    

 Since we face as enemies materialistic ideologies without any moral standards which want to rule the world, we can not ignore them but have to defeat them with a better idea and ideology which aims at power with global outreach. That of course does not mean that America should rule, the other sovereign nations. We need a leadership which listens to God in Washington - people with the moral and spiritual courage to apply His commandments to his or her personal and political life. Our nation, long time leader of the free World, should be an example for all nations of how to live together. That is why I say emphatically that our freedom must be based on Gods truth. Without truth there is no lasting freedom because only God is absolute and global accordingly. Our absolute moral standards therefore must be absolute. His truth must be applied to all people, all nations, all of humanity.

What I am speaking about is not personal religious belief system alone. Rather, I am pointing out that the teachings of Jesus Christ have changed the world and created the only religious faith which is true and his commandments are for all people, especially for our government. Americans should be profoundly conscious about the reality that western society is based on Christian teachings. Consequently those in leadership must not abandon their Creator. Make no mistake, each Christian is responsible to God to do what they can to assure their political and social representatives act in accordance with His commandments.

The United Nations is trying to base world government on religion and on this road usher in the peace of the world through religious universalism. That of course is another ploy to remove God from global affairs. The godless Left is trying to do what Hitler did when he created the “German Christians” promote Nazi philosophy in religious language. Watch Obama´s “spiritual” advisers: nobody can be a Christian and promote abortion at the same time.  He is a fake Christian.

There are millions of Americans who are decent patriotic Christians trying to live according to Gods commandments – with morality, loyalty, honor, and purity. In the 21 years I have lived in this amazing nation I met many of them in their churches and especially now in the tea party groups. There is no other country in Europe or in the rest of the world with such moral substance or with an extraordinary Constitution equal to ours. This is why America became the richest and most powerful nation in the world. However, we are living in days of destiny, days when a great body of pagan thought and its inevitable immorality have infested our infrastructure, throwing God out of government, out of schools, murdering more than 50 million unborn human beings, liars in government positions including in the White House, in Congress, and in the legal system with godless judges who are unfit to define right and wrong.  

The senator of New York, Chuck Schumer, calls the men and women of the tea party mindless blood suckers. He belongs to those, especially from his party, who do not have a brain to argue and instead lie and smear those who are an obstacle to him and his comrades in their battle for totalitarian power. The lies which have been introduced into our social and political infrastructure as truth by selfish people led America away from God and into the mess we find ourselves in today. It must be faced: There is a tendency in America to submit to the letter but not to the spirit of laws. Abortion cannot remain legal, Christian prayers in schools should be normal when wanted, and honest government should mean also to speak with true motivations. I suggest to add to the oath of office a promise not to lie.


The chapter “The Enemy Within” in my book “Defeating the Totalitarian Lie”, showing  us how they think to bring us to our knees, begins with this: “The Italian Communist Gramski and the German Communists of the Frankfurt School, who operated in the thirties from New York, defined the class enemy anew to encompass all civil and cultural institutions of Western Society. Their new designations were applied to such establishments as schools, universities, the family, churches, and others… a new methodology was to take over government, political parties, the media, foundations, and social and political institutions from within. They do so by penetrating the minds of people and disconnect them from their history and tradition. It is supposed to culminate in the destruction of the existing social order and freedom, ushering in a socialist-totalitarian government system.” No wonder, that our young generation does not know much about our Constitution, culture and Christian history. Obama is not interested in American tradition. He does not act according to what is best for this nation here and for the rest of the world. His problems are not behind him. Some people say they just begin.


Chinese colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui define their book on the front page ”Unrestricted Warfare: China`s master plan to destroy America”. The book was first published in 1999 by China´s People´s Liberation Army in Beijing. The officers state that the first rule is the rule that there are no rules, with nothing being forbidden. Admiral Thomas Moorer, USN (ret.), former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says that “China thinks it can destroy America by using these tactics.” The Chinese learned from the ancient wisdom of Sun Tsu and his doctrine of surprise and deception. The book was first published in 1999 by Chinas´s People Liberation Army in Beijing. Unrestricted Warfare suggests that the war with the U.S. can begin with bribing American officials. The authors pointed out that the Western military has not yet fully understood the utilization of private and multinational corporations as instruments of warfare.  

The definition of terrorism as an instrument of warfare in the modern world with the communication possibilities we have was produced by the Pakistani military. Brigradier S.K. Malik defines in his book “The Quranic Concept of War” terrorism as a way for the weak to defeat the strong. The foreword to his book was written praising Malik by General M. Zia-Ul-haq, the Chief of Staff of the army before he became president of Pakistan.

In 1972, the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the U.S. as Yuri Andropov, Chairman of the KGB and later Secretary General of the Communist Party and president of the Soviet Union told General Jon Mihai Pacepa, then head of the Romanian top intelligence service, “we need to install a Nazi-hatred for the Jews throughout the Islamic world, and turn this weapon of the emotion in a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter the United States.”  The Soviet leaders have not changed their purpose. We have not won the cold war and are close to defeat. I am not quite clear what Vladimir Putin does in the group of four peacemaker for Israel. What our politicians do not understand is that for a Communist peace means 100% Socialist/Communist rule – a Totalitarian system. Pacepa defected in 1978 and has written two books and many articles. His first book Red Horizons, was published in twenty-four countries. Pacepa lives in the U.S. and is American citizen.      

I try to describe the battlefield of the modern global war which is not recognized as such by those who are being attacked. Our government and our nation do not have the same world view. It is very difficult if not impossible to get to an agreement which is best for America.  Socialists like Obama follow the Lenin philosophy that “promises are like crumbs of bread” and that they could be thrown away if they do not serve you any more. We have to deal with lies and liars. That is why one must have absolute moral standards to understand what we are facing.  

The U.S. has more oil in the ground than all the Middle East put together according to the Stansberry Report Online. Obama does not move a finger to get it out. The United States has paid trillions of Dollars to the Federal Reserve, some recently. However, they refuse an audit. The land of America does not belong to the federal government but to the states of the Union. The attempts to transform illegal aliens into citizens can only be explained that the government wants to make their own power permanent through people who are not interested to integrate. If we would have an honest government Americans would not only have no financial problems but could also help other nations. The American nation needs to protect the Sovereignty of Israel against our own government.    

The global war is between truth and lies and truth is the indispensable necessity for the substance of any society. The most important issue is not the economy, which needs of course to be dealt with, but character and morality in relation to Gods commandments. Those who promote immorality and appeasement of evil like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Antonio Gramski, Bill Ayers, and many others including presidents of the United States and members of our Supreme Court have been enemies of freedom of the United States and above all of God. I believe that the “Enemy Within” and the “Enemy from Outside” together embody who Obama is. His job, I think, is to lead the United States into the Socialist/Communist world. He should be impeached.

Intentions are revealed by actions of the government establishment. According to an e-mail report of Joyce Macias, the U.S. Department of Justice has changed its website. Gone are the colorful red, white and blue U.S. flag decorations on the page. At the top of the page is the quote “the common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the Life of the People.” To me that smells like pious Soviet language. We did not only have the Nazis but had also an East-German Soviet state after WWII which called the Berlin wall  ´Wall of Peace` Their ways of acting are familiar to me. They want to be the masters of mankind and not God. Obama tried twice without success to take God out of the Declaration of Independence, speaking in the second paragraph  …”endowed with certain unalienable Rights… … ”endowed by their Creater…”. It was not a mistake but intention.        

Americans have begun to wake up to reality. But there are millions of them who think that we just have to wait until 2012. Then, they think, we vote them out of the White House and Congress and everything will be again like before. By that time, however, these people have placed their time bombs. We have to pay and truth will be further mutilated. Another two years and our children and grand children are subject to lies including immoral sex education in schools without asking the parents, and hatred of their own country, America.

I heard a radio report about Venezuela on April 13, which explained that the Venezuelan Communist government under Chavez was preparing the presentation of a “New law of education” which according to Article 4 of that law provides that children with three years of age will be taken over and educated by the state. The parents will be allowed to visit their children twice a month. Take notice, Americans. We are dealing with a godless global ideology and you can be assured that this law and other similar-minded ones will be applied in a Communist United States of America. The Nazis, also Socialists, were of similar interest in the Youth. My brother Asche was asked to enter the separated Nazi school system, which served a specific purpose toward the indoctrination of future leadership. My parents could only with the help of a doctor prevent that he became a part of the Nazis.      

We are fighting for our survival as a free nation. We can only win if we know our enemies and are aware of the danger we are in.

 All patriots must stand up and fight to get the godless fake-Christians out and God and our Constitution in. Young and old people have to learn afresh the difference between right and wrong.  I have tried for years to warn Americans about what is coming but I lacked adequate financing to be able to reach the whole nation. I am now looking for sponsors to make it possible. If you agree with what I am saying and wish to help our efforts to bring the message out to the American and European people please consider sending a one-time, a monthly or yearly contribution to our National Institute for Truth and Freedom or via my web site www.voncampe.com or directly to the account. We do not have yet a deductible permit because of lack of funds and have never paid a salary to anybody. I have paid everything myself and there is a limit to what I can do.

Our account no.: 242 0494 4 at Compass Bank, 920 Fairhope Av., Fairhope, AL 36532 or per mail to P.O. Box 1746, Fairhope, AL 36532-2116

Looking forward to hearing from you

Hilmar von Campe

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